Logistics and Infrastructure

Transport logistics and modern infrastructure are critical for spaceport development due to the complex nature and safety requirements related to highly-explosive materials and the import of payloads and launch vehicles that need to be integrated, tested, and launched following a tight schedule.

Andøya airport (ANX) is conveniently located within 40 km of the spaceport, and is able to land the largest commercial passenger and cargo aircrafts. Two ISPS ports lie within close vicinity of the selected launch site location. One of the ISPS ports, Risøyhamn Harbour, is located less than 30 km away from the launch site, and is currently expanding its capabilities to enable container handling and RoRo facilities, as well as accommodate future needs posed by the Andøya Spaceport.

The new orbital launch site is therefore easily accessible from the airport, the harbours, and existing related infrastructure at ASC. In addition, roads of sufficient width connecting the launch site to both the airport and the harbours already exist and have the highest classification in Norway.

Electricity and water are already available in the area, and will be adapted to the needs of the spaceport.

Facilities for accommodating personnel are also available through hotel facilities offered at the ASC site, in the village of Andenes a few kms away, and generally around the island due to it being a popular tourist destination in both summer and winter.